A Brief Description of The Company

We love technology and helping our customers — we get excited about building fast and redundant website architectures. We live to solve technical challenges, like breaking the 99.99% uptime barrier, and giving our customers the power to deploy complex systems at the click of a button. Since SudoNinja has opened our doors in 2015, we have worked with digital broadcasting companies to produce reliable and responsive content serving millions of page views each year. SudoNinja is making a name for itself in the cloud industry as a company that is pushing the envelope in Web Hosting.

  • Imagine you have a marketing campaign with a tight deadline, and you need to have a website that can handle a million hits a day. You can click a button and deploy 2 load balancers, 6 caching servers, 2 application servers, and 2 database servers already configured with Nginx/PHP-FPM, Varnish caching with probing enabled, all optimized and ready to serve your content.
  • What if your website needs to be served globally, one click and the previous setup can be deployed across 9 datacenters including, Atlanta, Dallas, Newark, Fremont, Tokyo, Singapore, and Frankfurt.
  • How about a cluster plan for a cross-region, highly-available, disaster-recoverable 82-node WordPress setup involving Apache web servers with WordPress, Memcached, MySQL cluster with NDB, Block Stores and NodeBalancers.
  • Or this, a cluster plan for a 52-node big data IoT system involving Spark Streaming, Kafka input pipelines in multiple regions, a PostgreSQL cluster, high memory instances and block stores.
  • Of course, we offer single node provisioning as well. Would you like that running Apache or Linux. How about Ubuntu or CentOS, or a dozen others to choose from. No problem

Other hosting companies offer these solutions and each one is practically built from scratch and can take weeks or months to provision, at great cost to you. We drastically reduce that setup cost with preconfigured images that instantly provisioned.

We are also partnered with a Web Design company that can quickly produce attractive landing pages OR extensive websites. They also specialize in Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, with hundreds of happy clients.